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SEAN HANNITY, FOX NEWS HOST: Welcome to HANNITY this busy Friday news night.

And tonight, we are tracking multiple developing stories, including a ridiculous criminal indictment against Steve Bannon because he won't participate in the Democrats January 6th political charade with a predetermined outcome.

Now, coming up we actually have a comprehensive list of Democrats who also need to be indicted for actual crimes.

And tonight, we'll also show you the latest terrible horrific economic numbers every family in America is feeling it. And another bizarre moment from Kamala Harris in France. Plus, a new development from the Durham probe.

And later, a full report on cartel violence now raging inside the United States as the crisis on our southern border moves north, as it spirals even further out of control.

But first, the trial of Kyle Rittenhouse will soon be coming to an end. On Monday, we will hear closing arguments and then the jury will be headed to the deliberation. Today, the prosecution, they asked the judge to allow the jury now to consider several lesser charges hmm I guess they figured out what we all know and that is their case is not going very well and now at the 11th hour, they are attempting to lower the bar. Maybe they overcharged in the beginning.

Now, some of these requests have been accepted. Others have not. Several other charges are still under consideration by the judge who once again berated the prosecution and again for good cause. Take a look.


JUDGE: That's your best picture, the one I saw over there?


JUDGE: Where's the best picture please?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: We'll show you to find your effect (ph).

JUDGE: You're asking me to give an instruction. I want to see the best picture.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: It's the -- we need to get Mr. Stewart over here I think.

UNIDENTIED MALE: We need the-- you need it on the big TVs.

JUDGE: You need a big TV?


HANNITY: From bizarre, weird pointless arguments, weak evidence, hypothetical questions, allegations one after another of prosecutorial misconduct, prosecution has been a dumpster fire from beginning to end now. No matter what happens with the charges, the facts in this case, they remain the same. Based on video evidence and there is a lot of it, and eyewitness accounts there was a lot of that as well. It is apparent that 17-year-old Kyle Rittenhouse was defending himself from imminent bodily harm or even death, in other words exactly what the Wisconsin law allows for.

Now the first individual shot and killed, a 36-year-old man named Joseph Rosenbaum. Rosenbaum was a pedophile, convicted of sexually abusing five little boys ages 9 to 11. Prior to the riot in Kenosha, Rosenbaum was in a psychiatric hospital for attempting suicide and according to Rittenhouse and other eyewitness accounts, Rosenbaum charged written house assaulted him and then attempted to grab his gun before Rittenhouse ultimately defended himself and discharged his weapon.

Now, Rittenhouse was then chased by an angry mob we've shown you this tape of rioters who knocked him to the ground, attempted to literally curb stomp his head right into the pavement.

Now, one of the individuals chasing him was a year old named Anthony Huber. Now, Huber was also a convicted felon who once held his own grandmother and brother at knife point. He was ultimately charged with false imprisonment and choking his brother later he faced drug and disorderly conduct charges on the night of August the 25th, Uber assaulted Rittenhouse with a skateboard and then attempted to grab his gun before written out shot and killed him. His life was in imminent danger.

Now, shortly thereafter, the third individual who was shot but survive, his name is Gaige Grosskreutz, he pointed a loaded gun at Rittenhouse's head. He admitted it on the stand under oath pointed a loaded gun at his head before Rittenhouse shot him in the arm in self-defense.

Now, this guy Grosskreutz was a 26-year-old college senior who was previously convicted of a gun charge and several other misdemeanors.

Now, despite all the facts in this case, the video evidence, the eyewitness accounts, the mob, the media, their friends and the Democratic Party, they're all eager to vilify and have been from day one 18-year-old Kyle Rittenhouse. They all made up their minds months ago before any evidence was presented. They rushed to judgment. They obviously don't believe in due process. They don't believe in the presumption of innocence.

He was enemy number one from day one. Watch this.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: What the right is saying about Kyle Rittenhouse is that well the government didn't do its job, so it took a 17-year-old kid to come in and do what was right. That's vigilantism. That's not what -- people are not supposed to be vigilantes.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: That acting job of the crying, I can't even look at it. Well, this is that is one of the worst acting jobs I've ever seen.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: He committed a murder or two murders and attempted to murder someone else.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: What kind of idiot 17-year-old, gets a giant gun and goes to a riot. He has no license. He has no training. He thinks he's going to scrub graffiti off with his AR-15? I mean, the stupidity of this.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: When Rittenhouse got emotional, it may have come across the jury as a genuine expression of remorse or on the other hand, maybe it was crocodile tears designed to elicit sympathy. This is white privilege on steroids.


HANNITY: I loved Jeffrey Toobin in particular -- what kind of idiot lawyer would do what he did on a Zoom call?

Anyway, while the mob and the media and, of course, politicians rushed to judgment and they're vilifying Kyle Rittenhouse, they're also very angry at the judge who's presiding over the case .Why? Oh, because the judge has been very tough, rightly so, on the prosecution, rightly calling out their dirty tactics all along the way.

He also wore -- oh God forbid, an American flag tie on veterans day and his ringtone was a version of Lee Greenwood's "God bless the USA" and he made a joke about a supply chain crisis.

So, now, the media mob are accusing the judge of being a racist monster. In other words, what they call anybody they disagree with and auditioning for a job on the FOX News Channel. Maybe we should have a judge show, who knows? Take a look.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: The judge's actions during the trial so far now coming under scrutiny and raising questions about his behavior and demeanor.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Let's talk about the judge actually let's play this because I've never seen anything like this before where a judge yelled quite like this, oh we don't have it, but you saw the judge going bonkers.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: This judge yelling at a prosecutor or anyone in the courtroom or treating anyone the way that he treats I think it's problematic and I don't think it's normal.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: He is -- he has made a series of decisions each one perhaps may be individually defensible but in totality lead to the impression of a biased racist judge.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: It appears that this judge is auditioning for the cameras and looking for his next gig on FOX News or OWN or whatever OAN, or whatever it is. I mean, this judge is going beyond the pail.


HANNITY: Remember, in the twisted world of the mob in the media, the Democratic Party, there's no presumption of innocence zero due process and no rule of law, just feeling an opinion and by the way they're usually wrong.

They were wrong on Ferguson. They were wrong on Baltimore, Freddie Gray, or many were wrong in UVA, the Duke Lacrosse case, Richard Jewell, oh, remember that kid from Covington High School, yeah, he's going to be a billionaire. And when their feelings and opinions are derailed by facts and logic, well, the left just screams racism. What a shock.

Everything the left doesn't like apparently is racist everything every voter who doesn't vote the right way -- well, we'll call them a racist too. Every two years, every four years, that's their playbook. Every American that doesn't agree with them every person that dares get in their way, if Democrats really cared about what really happened in a riot, why don't they pay attention to the 534 violent riots that took place in the summer of 2020. Where is that commission, Liz Cheney? Maybe they should start a commission just like they did with the violent riot that we condemned on January 6th.

They don't seem to care about truth or justice or equal justice or equal application of our laws, or the pain and suffering. They only care about the narrative.

Remember in the summer of 2020, dozens of Americans died, thousands of cops were injured, billions in dollars in theft and property damage and arson.

And joining us now with more, the author of the book "The Case for Vaccine Mandates," Harvard law professor Alan Dershowitz, along with FOX News legal analyst Greg Jarrett.

Gregg, we'll start with you tonight. To me, this case is based on evidence. We're going to stick to the evidence in this case. We've got witness testimony. We have a lot of it, most of it helps Kyle Rittenhouse.

Then we've got video evidence, we've got a lot of that. You see him being chased by an angry mob. You see that he's trying to get away. You see that he's on the ground and somebody's about to take their foot slam it into his face right into the pavement. His life was at risk.

Then you got the prosecution star witness. I don't see a guilty verdict on any charges with the exception perhaps of the gun charge.

GREGG JARRETT, FOX NEWS LEGAL ANALYST: Yeah. I think you're absolutely right this is a case that disintegrated before the very eyes of the prosecutors who called the witnesses and put on the evidence that in the end tended to defeat their own arguments and support the claims of self- defense asserted by the accused.

I think it's clear to me at least that the prosecutors overcharged this case uh and they did so because I think they were under enormous pressure from, you know, the woke mob fueled by the liberal mainstream media that glamorized all the violence that you saw in the streets that terrorize communities across the United States. But most of all, what's important to me is that the judge here is scrupulously trying to protect the rights of the accused as stated in the Constitution. There's prosecutorial misconduct the judge could still declare a mistrial.

He has one other option here and that is if he lets it go to the jury and the jury convicts on the top count this judge can actually set aside that verdict as a miscarriage of justice and direct a verdict to a lesser count or an acquittal we saw this happen in the famous nanny case in Massachusetts. So we'll have to wait and see.

But I think this judge is loath to step in here he wants to see what the jury does.

HANNITY: You know, professor the judge has yet to issue a ruling on the defense motion for that mistrial with prejudice. What I find very interesting is -- I believe Gregg is right. I think in response to public opinion, the woke mob that was loud at that time, I believe that there's they overcharged right from the get-go and now they're seeking the possibility of lesser charges on some counts, and I and I believe that they with as you had said they likely are trying for a mistrial they want to do over. Now -- go ahead.

ALAN DERSHOWITZ, HARVARD LAW PROFESSOR: They're not going to get a mistrial. The judge wants this to go to the jury. The key issue here is going to be the instruction to the jury. There are two possible instructions.

One, did this person act as a reasonable, mature adult? That's one possibility. The other one, did he act as a 17-year-old would act under the circumstances, he experienced in the Guts case in New York, the famous get subway case, the appellate court reversed the conviction because they said the standard was too objective and you have to make the standard fit the particular person.

But the biggest issue in this case is that the radical left media is denying due process denying the presumption of innocence, making you two sides lying, lying about the judge.

I've been in front of more judges than all of these TV commentators together, this judge is not acting any differently than judges all over the country. They berate prosecutors, they berate defense attorneys, they berate everybody.

If this judge were ruling in favor of the prosecution, I guarantee you, Jeffrey Toobin and CNN and all those guys would be praising him to the sky as they did in other cases. This is not justice. This is partisan injustice.

This is an attempt by the hard left mob to influence the outcome of the case not only by the way they describe the case, but by implicit threats that if there is an acquittal, there will be consequences. They want the jurors --

HANNITY: But this is a scary thing, because they've created an expectation of a result that that very well may not be the case. They did it without knowing any of the facts without any evidence.

Now, we're watching the prosecution I think desperate. I think you were right professor. I think the prosecution definitely wants a mistrust.

But I agree with you, it's not going to happen. Now, they're also pushing for lesser charges in the hopes that maybe that will get them a conviction and they won't be as embarrassed. Do you agree with that?

DERSHOWITZ: Completely and this is all about what outcome is going to do on the streets, and that's exactly what the Supreme Court said. It shouldn't happen in the famous Shepherd versus Maxwell case, in the Leo Frank case. If this were -- if the shoe were on the other foot, civil libertarians would be appalled, appalled at the way the media has been handling this case and they should be appalled.

Every civil libertarian, no matter whether you're a Republican or a Democrat centrist, no matter what, you should be appalled at the not only thumb but the elbow on the scale of justice that CNN and many of these other hard left --

HANNITY: I can't say it any better.

Gregg, comment on the push now for lesser charges by the prosecution.

JARRETT: Well, it's going to be up to the judge to decide how many lesser included if any at all. But these attacks -- I agree with the professor -- these attacks on the judge are fundamentally wrong. You played the clip of Bakari Sellers on CNN who's a lawyer, he should know better than that saying that this judge is showing his conservative credentials, that is a an obtuse ignorant statement. This is a judge appointed by a Democrat.

He's a law and order judge. He's the longest serving judge in Wisconsin. He's highly respected and as I said before he cares dearly about the Constitution and protecting the rights of an accused in trial. That's -- that is the duty of every judge and I wish every judge were as scrupulous as this one.

HANNITY: All right. Alan Dershowitz, thank you. Gregg Jarrett, thank you.

Here now with reaction, FOX News contributors Leo 2.0 Terrell, and Tammy Bruce.

Tammy, what's your thoughts on the case? Do you believe the prosecution made the case for conviction?

TAMMY BRUCE, FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR: Well, obviously not. I mean, that's what has been swirling around here, including on social media with many blue chick liberals, recognizing that looking at the details of what's coming out in this trial are completely contradictory to what the media has been telling them.

They thought Kyle Rittenhouse had killed black men. They had no idea that the people shot had been white. I mean, this is a realization that what has been presented by the media is completely and factually different from what has been the fact of the matter and thank goodness this is being televised.

And let me just tell you what I find fascinating here -- this trial is a very good example of prosecution gone wild. It is what the left used to care about. It was about yes having the defendant be protected. It was about -- and even now, the left crows about needing reform and I agree that there is bias in the system, and we are seeing it play out in this trial, for all Americans.

This is an example of how things can go wrong and shame on every liberal who is trying to jump into the pool here, to hang this guy because it serves the narrative, it serves the nature of what the left is looking for. Gone is this idea as Mr. Dershowitz aptly put, the notion of civil liberties.

This is an astounding exposure of what is possible what can go wrong in a trial. The judge is handling it perfectly and I would say it does go back - - the best example I think is the Baltimore police officers not just overcharged but should not been charged the jury exonerated them and -- the jury is partly a target of all this rhetoric of all the heated anger and the and the not so veiled threats and this is what we have to deal with I think but this is an excellent example of what we fight against and shame on every liberal and leftist who is embracing the nature of and not just end due process, but an end to defense in this case.

HANNITY: You know, as I -- as I look at all the cases in total, Leo, they were wrong in Ferguson, Missouri, I knew because I had I had my sources tell me there were numerous eyewitnesses. They were wrong in Baltimore as Tammy just mentioned.

They were wrong with Cambridge. They were wrong with UVA. They were wrong with Duke Lacrosse. They were wrong with Richard Jewell. They were wrong on Trump-Russia collusion.

They get it wrong every time. They rush to judgment then they create expectations in a community and people expect a certain result that likely is never going to happen. And then there is often sadly at times this reaction people can't believe that what they told was going to happen didn't happen, but people that told them didn't tell them the facts the evidence and the truth of the case.

You know, Sean, it's very simple. They have no shame and you're assuming -- Tammy's assuming that they deal with facts. They don't have any facts. They lie. They have no shame.

You will not get -- all those cases you mentioned, they're not embarrassed. They just move to the next story because they have a narrative. The narrative is to lie to get their objective, their objective is to convince people that this country is evil, this country is racist, this country is unfair to the little guy.

They don't care about the little guy. They're just pushing their agenda to basically destroy this country. This is a perfect example of a lie that is being exposed in a courtroom. I've been a lawyer for years.

That judge is spot on. That prosecutor is wrong. He has violated Kyle Rittenhouse's constitutional rights.

The issue here is this -- regardless of the outcome, the left will move on to the next case and the concern that I have is the aftermath when justice is served, because this young man should not be found guilty of any first- degree crimes whatsoever. The blowout is, will the city pay for it? Will the county pay for it? Will there be this riot, this disturbance?

That is my biggest fear because everyone has seen this case and the left will ignore the facts. The bottom line is very simple: this young man should have never been trialed, it's a political trial propagated by the left.

HANNITY: Very powerful comments, Leo and Tammy. Great analysis. Thank you both.

All right. Straight ahead, more lives from the Biden White House around their radical spending package. You're not going to believe what Kamala Harris said today.

We have former Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard. She'll join us and react, straight ahead.



HANINITY: Now, most Democrats tonight are still hell-bent on walking off this socialist spending cliff and hell-bent on doing everything they can do to deceive the American people, including doubling down on the bizarre talking point that whether it's $3.5 trillion or $1.75 trillion that they spend will cost you nothing, zero. It'll cost you zero, Joe whispers.

Take a look.


KAMALA HARRIS, VICE PRESIDENT FO THE UNITED STATES: Build Back Better is not going to cost anything. We're paying for it.


HANNITY: You're not paying for it.

Anyway, as usual, facts get in the way of this failing Biden-Harris agenda, because get this -- despite Democrats' never-ending calls to make the rich, quote, pay their fair share, the spending bill would actually break Biden's pledge not to raise taxes on the middle class.

Look at this analysis by the nonpartisan Tax Policy Center and remember many Democrats also want to sneak in a SALT deduction plan which would be a boon for high earners in blue states. In other words, they get to deduct their state and local taxes, not a benefit in a low tax state. Ask yourself, even if inflation surges and prices spike and energy costs rise, why are Democrats so eager to spend trillions more? Why are they so committed to doubling down on failure? Could it be that they know that to get the country back on track, it would mean reinstating Donald Trump's policies? You know, like energy independence, controlling our borders, economic policies that incentivize businesses to invest.

Remember Donald Trump warned us what would happen if the Democrats in fact took power. He was right. Here's a reminder.


DONALD TRUMP, FORMER PRESIDENT: And gas prices -- you like that two dollar gas, right? How about five dollars, six dollars and seven dollars? Darling, let's sell the car, it's a little bit too large. Let's get a compact.

Biden's plan is an economic death sentence.


HANNITY: And it's not just on energy policy. From open borders, surrendering to the Taliban, abandoning Americans behind enemy lines, Democrats are making this country less safe, less secure, more dangerous. And the worst part, even Joe Biden himself knows it. Just listen to this tape uncovered by of Biden on the campaign trail in 2017.


JOE BIDEN, PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES: It will take a year to get the American troops out. Do you hear me now? That's the truth. It will take a year to get them physically out. Now if you leave all the equipment behind, you might be able to do it in seven months and you leave those billions of dollars of weapons behind, I promise, they're going to be used against your grandchild and mine someday.

No great nation can be in a position where they can't control their borders. It matters how you control your borders. I've been arguing for the need to put more protection on our borders, meaning that you have more border guards, you have to have a significant increase in the security of the border, including limited elements where you actually have a fence.


HANNITY: Here with reaction, former Hawaii congresswoman and presidential candidate, Tulsi Gabbard.

Would you agree with me that it would be a good idea to go back to being energy independent?


HANNITY: Not many Democrats agree with you.

Would you agree with me that we have too much debt and we really can't afford $1.75 or $3.5 trillion in new spending?

GABBARD: Yes, Sean, and here's the reality with the bill that they're continuing to push forward is that our government is too powerful and too big even as it is, and this bill is only going to make matters worse. The provisions in the bill are so vague that really it's going to be unelected bureaucrats who end up deciding how these provisions are implemented and no accountability.

And really, it'll empower them to be able to stick their noses into every aspect of our lives, furthering this cradle to grave mentality of government dependence that makes us lose even more of our autonomy as we are paying for it. As government gets bigger, our wallets are getting smaller.

HANNITY: You know, as I look at the position Joe Biden is in, in the mid 30s with his approval rating, Kamala Harris at a low 28 percent, I look at every problem they have.

On the problem with the economy, if you lower taxes, limit the bureaucracy, that would stimulate economic growth. I think that would be helpful.

On the energy crisis, we don't have to beg the cartel OPEC to produce more oil only to be rejected again and again if we go back to the Trump policies of energy independence.

The same goes for the border. Stay in Mexico, build the wall, end the insane policy of process and release that Joe Biden has.

Is there any, any inclination in the administration or the Democratic Party besides Joe Manchin and Kristen Sinema that you see that would adjust, adapt and change their policies because the ones they're using are not working?

GABBARD: It's hard to see people being inclined to actually look at solutions to the challenges that everyday Americans are facing right now because they're so focused on the partisan politics. They're so focused on saying, hey, well if that was a Republican idea or Republican policy, then it must be rejected uh this was something, Sean, that I saw and experience when I first got to Congress, this whole mentality of -- you know, if you're on the other team if there's a bill that's being put forward by the other team, you got to oppose it.

And this is on both sides of the aisle, this focus on -- you know, their own party, their own power, rather than just saying -- hey, what's best for the people? What policies can we work together on to actually bring about solutions to the challenges Americans are facing?

And we're seeing how it is everyday Americans who are suffering the most from this inflation crisis. From the multitude of challenges that we're facing, they're the ones who are carrying this burden on their back, not the politicians who are too busy squabbling with each other.

HANNITY: The poor and the middle class are disproportionately impacted by higher gas prices, on average about a buck more a gallon.


HANNITY: It's going to cost people anywhere between 500 and a thousand dollars more this year to heat their home. Every item we buy and every store we go to costs more because it costs more to get it there. And it seems simple to me.

I'm just looking for a common sense solution. They say that they care about the poor and the middle class. Why wouldn't -- what difference does it make to the planet if they -- if they extract the oil in the Middle East or in Russia or we do it in the United States?

If we do it here, we have high paying career energy jobs, we don't have national security concerns with countries that hate us and we have low gas prices for the American consumer and that's great for our economy. Why wouldn't we do that?

GABBARD: Well I think we can look at a variety of options to move us closer towards energy independence. But I think, Sean, if we take a step back to that Kamala Harris quote, with the clip that you played earlier where she says you know this multi-trillion dollar bill -- it's not going to cost anything, you know, we're going to pay for it, it just shows this detachment from reality. It's not going to cost anything so then what are we actually paying for and who's the "we" that she's saying is going to pay for? It we -- it's we the taxpayers who are going to pay for this.

HANNITY: You don't sound like a Democrat to me. I hereby you can raise your right hand, you're definitely a conservative.

Anyway --

GABBARD: Always a pleasure, Sean.

HANNITY: We always love having you. Thank you.

Coming up, the deep state continues to be exposed as more Russia lies come to light, and "The Washington Post" just issued a major correction to the years of lies. Congressman Devin Nunes, Morgan Ortagus, they weigh in, straight ahead.


HANNITY: So, after four long years of spewing hate, rage, anti-Trump, Russia Trump conspiracy theories, some in the media mob are finally having to come to terms with their massive lies, failures, false narratives, phony reporting, endless fake news, because "The Washington Post" today finally corrected massive errors in their reporting on the Clinton, yes, Russian disinformation dossier, admitting that they could no longer stand by the accuracy of several stories.

But, now, ask yourself, what took them so long? We were reporting on this night after night after night. The only thing missing was Sean Hannity on FOX News got it right for three straight years and has been totally vindicated. Where the admissions from the rest of the media mob? According to the Durham indictments, the Obama Biden deep state cabal is at the center of all of this Clinton-coordinated misinformation, including Biden's own national security adviser Jake Sullivan.

And add to that, what we already know, deep state intel officials were all willing participants. They abused the FISA court system to deny one American Carter Page's rights, spy on a presidential candidate, a presidential transition team and yes, President Donald J. Trump.

And the indictment also revealed that one of Steele's primary sub-sources was working with a longtime Clinton operative. And, of course, the compromise, congenital liar Adam Schiff, he has now been exposed more than ever, including this exchange that he had with Morgan Ortagus on "The View". Take a look.


MORGAN ORTAGUS, "THE VIEW" CO-HOST: You may present disinformation yourself for years by promoting this. I think that's what Republicans and what people who entrusted you as the intel committee chair are so confused about your culpability and all this.

REP. ADAM SCHIFF (D-CA): Well, I completely disagree with your premise. It's one thing to say allegations should be investigated and they were, it's another to say that we should have foreseen in advance that some people were lying to Christopher Steele, which is impossible course to do. None of that serious misconduct is in any way diminished by the fact that people lied to Christopher Steele.

ORTAGUS: No, I think just your credibility is.


HANNITY: But unfortunately, the unequal standard of justice is still on full display tonight, after former Trump adviser Steve Bannon was indicted by the Biden DOJ for contempt of Congress. By the way, I have complete contempt for Congress, most of them anyway, for not complying with a subpoena as part of the Democratic sham, predetermined outcome January 6 probe. Where's the probe on the summer riots of 2020?

But ask yourself, where are the indictments for Comey, McCabe? You might remember the Horowitz report -- yes, they referred them for some of the very same things that Republicans, conservatives, names you know got uh arrested and charged with and even convicted on. Strzok, Page, the rest of this deep state cabal for their role in what was the biggest abuse of power corruption scandal in history.

And remember back in 2012, when Eric Holder -- he was held in contempt, why didn't the DOJ ever indict him? And what about former IRS official Lois Lerner? She was held in contempt, she never got charged. But we only charged Steve Bannon?

And according to multiple reports, Bannon is the first person to be indicted for contempt of Congress since 1983. Of course, if you're a conservative, you get five years in jail for jaywalking. If you're a Democrat, you pretty much can commit any crime and you're not held accountable for anything.

Now, we know there's one standard for Democrats and one standard for the rest of us.

Here with reaction, Congressman Devin Nunes, along with former State Department spokeswoman Morgan Ortagus.

Morgan, you get a scale of a hundred on a one-to-ten scale on taking down Adam Schiff. I'm glad somebody finally did.

ORTAGUS: Well, I don't know that I did that I'm glad you think so, Sean.

For me, it was just important that he get asked tough questions that quite frankly should have been asked before I had the opportunity to do so, and I'm very grateful to "The View" for allowing me to ask these tough questions. And what was more surprising to me is that the congressman appeared somewhat surprised that someone was asking them of him. I had hoped and I know this is very naive of me, Sean, I had hoped that maybe he would be pensive and reflective and talk about what he had learned after -- you know, reading this dossier into the congressional record, right, defending it, promoting it.

That obviously didn't happen and the exchange, the rest is history.

HANNITY: Devin, you were up to your eyeballs in dealing with the corrupt, congenital liar that I call Adam Schiff. But more importantly, where is every other news organization? And when is Adam Schiff going to be held accountable for all of the lying and leaking he was involved in?

REP. DEVIN NUNES (R-CA): Well, I think that's one of the keys, Sean, is that these Pulitzers that all of these reporters want, it's fine as you talked in your little monologue before this segment that they've corrected some stories. But I can tell you, there's many stories that they have not corrected, and there are stories that should be corrected.

You know, we had this thing right the whole time and I think when you look at the at the Democrats and the things that they've spewed, it's really hard to believe at this point that they would still defend Christopher Steele knowing what we know now that Steele wasn't really doing anything other than just taking fake information. He was hired to put out fake information.

So to say that someone was lied to is just preposterous. It's not true. It's more deflection and obfuscation that these guys are doing. And, you know, if these news organizations really want to get on the right side where you and very few journalists were, there were only a few of you that were actually trying to dig into this, they needed to do a lot more digging on what did the Democrats in Congress know and when did they know it, especially about the Steele dossier?

Because I will remind you of this one point, Sean and you will remember this, Harry Reid, former Senate leader, Democrat, in August of 2016, he knew about the dossier.

So it's unlikely that others didn't know about the dossier at that time either.

HANNITY: Thank you both.

Straight ahead, our own Sara Carter joins us in Texas where she spoke with a rancher about the cartel violence inside the U.S. It's happening on our soil, and Mark Brnovich, the A.G. of Arizona has reaction.


HANNITY: Now, even more explosive developments tonight in our HANNITY exclusive investigation of our southern border.

Our very own investigative reporter Sara Carter spoke with a rancher about the increase in cartel violence on our side of the border, stemming from Biden's border neglect.


SARA CARTER, FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR: Yeah, Sean, I've been here in the Kenedy County for the past several days on right-alongs with Texas DPS conducting operations to capture people illegally trespassing onto ranches.

These are not just ranches, Sean, and you think of big, sprawling ranches. These are actually family ranches. There are family homes. There are people that live here for generations, their children to live there, their wives live there. These are ranches that have been around for a long time.

And what they are seeing is incredible. Think about this, Kenedy County has about 3,000 residents, and we are getting 2,800 illegal crossings onto ranches in this county every single week. In some cases, the people are tapping on the surveillance cameras and looking in.

I can't even imagine the horror. And not only that, the crimes have been surging here along the border. I spoke with Brent Smith. He's an attorney and he's a rancher. I want you to take a listen to what he had to say.


CARTER: Brent, one of the big issues that we have been seeing over may be in the past several months is the increase of Texas DPS said a endemic increase in crime and cartel crime on this side of the border from murders to targeted killings. Is that something that we should be concerned about? Is this something you will see an increase across the country?

BRENT SMITH, RANCHER: Absolutely. Right now, cartels control both sides of the border and the violence that they have seen on media and the reports, there is not much of a difference in cartel and ISIS at this point. And it is when you go over the border.

When I grew up, I was allowed to basically go outside on the ranch as long as I stayed in shouting distance. My mom had a pretty good voice and could holler at me. But now, we don't let our children go out unless they have an adult with them with a weapon.

CARTER: One of the most horrific killings I've seen and a long time is one that happened in October to a woman found on the Rio Grande on our side of the border, mutilated, left outcome exposed to the elements. You know, I mean, they are worried there will be more like that.

SMITH: And there will be, I'm sure, I'm sure. And that's ones they find.

You know, as you can see in Texas, there is a lot of open space. Those are the ones actually found. The ones we haven't found, we don't know about yet but the violence is getting worse.


CARTER: Sean, not only the ranchers, Texas DPS, law enforcement officials across the board from the DEA, going all the way to the FBI are warning that if the Biden administration does not gain control of this border, things are going to get far worse and not just for the people living along the border, but for people throughout the United States. They're seeing an increase actually of narcotics coming through and some new designer narcotics they keep a close eye on which they say is more powerful than fentanyl. I hope to bring those reports to you very soon -- Sean.

HANNITY: Sara Carter at the southern border, thanks for that great reporting.

Here to explain more, Arizona Senate candidate -- he is the state of Arizona attorney general, Mark Brnovich, is with us.

We are not following the rule of law. We are not only not following it but the federal government, our president, is aiding and abetting and lawbreaking. And it seems little that the states can do to prevent it.

Is there anything we can do if the states capture people in the country illegally, why can't they send them back?

MARK BRNOVICH, ARIZONA ATTORNEY GENERAL: You know, Sean, it's absolutely heartbreaking to see what's going on. And you're right, the state jurisdiction is very, very limited and that is why elections have consequences. And so, when Joe Biden and his enablers like cartel Kelly are allowing the cartels to seize operational control of the border as Sarah mentioned, this will affect not only areas like Texas but this is coming to our neighborhood soon.

Not just the violence with the cartels but also with drug overdoses, addictions. We are seeing record amount of fentanyl flooding into the country. As a prosecutor we see the price of fentanyl fall, price of heroin fall and that is because there is more supply.

And so, this is going to affect all of our kids, all of our neighborhoods and shame on the Biden administration and shame on cartel Kelly for turning a blind eye as Americans are dying in our streets as a result of their failed policies, the catastrophe they created. They created this, Sean.

You know, we talk about the climate change and all the other stuff, that it is not a man-made crisis. This is a man-made crisis greeted by Joe Biden.

HANNITY: Is there anything as an attorney general can do? For example Joe Biden disperses illegal immigrants to your state, you have them in the state. Can you send them to Washington? Can you send them to another state? Can you send them to Delaware?

BRNOVICH: This is exactly the problem, Sean, as you know the president is the apex of the power when you talk about national security and the border security, and the Biden administration is literally refusing to follow existing law.

So, what we've done is we filed lawsuit over the public charge rules, Supreme Court has accepted that case, where the Biden administration is incentivizing and monetizing people coming here. We sued some of the other states and we sued over failure to deport people, deportation order.

So we are doing everything we can in courtrooms, but the reality is, the Biden administration through the dark of night is dispersing hardened criminals into all of our neighborhoods.

HANNITY: All right. Attorney general, and now Senate candidate, Mark Brnovich, thank you for being here with us.

More HANNITY straight ahead.


HANNITY: And unfortunately, that is all the time we have left this evening. As always we thank you for being with us. You make the show possible. We hope you set your DVR so you never miss an episode.

And in the meantime, let not your hearts be troubled, why? "THE LAURA INGRAHAM ANGLE" is next. Thank you for being with us. Have a great weekend.

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